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How we work

01 - Contact
In the first contact, we contrast the ideas and needs of the client, but above all we listen. We know that each project is different, and we strive to provide the best information and guidance possible.

02 - Measurements and distribution
Once the design has been defined, with the corresponding selection of materials and shapes and with the exact measurements - taken at the client's home, we begin the design process. We carry it out with a program that allows us to have a clear and digital vision of the final result.

03 - Manufacturing
The machinery that we have allows us to adapt the measurements of the furniture so that they adapt to any shape, false squares or pillars.

We make sure that all the suppliers we work with meet sustainability criteria.
In addition, we are specialized in MDFH waterproof fiber interiors (without agglomerate), to avoid damage caused by small water leaks that can occur in kitchens.

04 - Assembly and after-sales service
We carry out the assembly ourselves, always with great care. We also carry out the maintenance service, being able to opt for a 5-year warranty, extendable to 10.

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